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dio, come ti amo

saturday with stanley

tito’s london

how is it friday? when did that happen??

ah well.

FRIDAY, brought to you by tito’s london - a top 3 :)

  • THE GROVE is a place to stay, a good break from the city - it’s quiet, country side, wonderful colours during automn, cozy, comfy, there is a golf course, a spa, a nice restaurant.


  • OTTOLENGHI is great for a brunch on saturday or sunday, you can either go there (it’s only one big table, everyone is sitting together, delicious salads and pastries) or take away and have brunch at home with friends (most of people do that).

have a lovely weekend!!

kate’s london - tate modern

i’ve only visited london two times, but here are my favorite spots…first up?

as a born and bred museum lover, i couldn’t not! (i mean, i could have not…there two  london museums conspicuously missing that i have yet to see…)

grand and almost spooky, the tate is a pleasure…

currently on exhibition thru january:

(they also have a killer gift shop! bought my favorite mug and tote there…and a great elizabeth peyton book that i somehow decided it was necessary to schlep across countries instead of buying online.)


Laboratory of Vision. Photographs by Moholy-Nagy.

via shihlun

england…cuppa, loo, cheers, et al.

i wouldn’t exactly call myself an anglophile, by any means, but i have been known to enjoy a few britishisms now and again.

recently having read this clever article in the new york times, i couldn’t help thinking of my own madonna moments, and in fact, the converse effect…

living in paris in 2009, my friends were mostly british (clearly, i really took advantage of being in FRANCE). while this usually made my valley-girl american accent more pronounced, exhaustion and drinks tended to bring out my inner hermione granger. how embarrassing!

worse perhaps, is my utter defenseless-ness to the british accent in others. the stereotype, in my case, is horrifyingly accurate. 

as tito’s recently visited london, and i have a soft spot for sticky toffee pudding (with custard, duh), let’s talk ENGLAND.

happy monday :)

jean machine


Irving Harper: “Paper is a versatile medium”



may or may not have listened to this song about 4 times in the past hour.

solange NAILED it - great song, killer video.

makes me really want to invest in 1. hot pants, 2. prints, 3. dance class (…hopeless).